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1) First, make sure you know when and where your trip starts. Be sure to see what you need to bring and where to meet the guide the day of your trip.

2) Water- Hydration is the most essential step we must take to comfortably maintain a high level of activity over extended periods of time (such as kayaking)! Your motto should be, “drink early, and drink often,” meaning on the day of your trip wake up and start drinking water immediately and regularly up to and during your trip. You should bring your own water on all island trips. At least 2 quarts per person for a full day trip are recommended.

3) Synthetic Clothing- Although most of the clothes we own these days are made of cotton, you do not want these layers when kayaking! Cotton gets wet, and gets cold. What you want to bring is synthetic (think polyester, fleece, nylon, swimsuits) clothing, as it wicks away moisture, including both sweat and water. Of course, you do not have to go out and spend hundreds on a new wardrobe of synthetic layers to kayak with us, but if you expect to kayak in jeans, you may want to think again!

4) Sun Protection- It is amazing what a hat, water shoes, and some sunscreen (well applied) will do to protect our skin from the sun. A hat is a great first step to protect your face from burning, but be sure to lotion up your face regardless, as the water reflects the UV rays off its surface, exposing your skin even if it appears to be shaded from the sun. Additionally, when applying sunscreen, apply it EVERYWHERE your skin is exposed, not just dabs on your cheek.

5) Water Shoes – You will spend some time walking on uneven surfaces such as rocky beaches or harbor launch ramps and reliable footwear is a must. durable wet shoes such as “Tevas” or “Aqua Socks” are preferable but or an old pair of tennis shoes will work fine as well (just remember they will get wet).

6) The Little Things – A change of clothes for after the tour, a hat with a brim, sunglasses with a neck strap, waterproof camera and a towel.

7) A Positive Attitude- You are going on an adventure! Don’t let the nerves get to you, and if you have any pressing concerns or questions, Catba Green Trail will happily answer your questions through our website’s supporting service, via email, or over th phone +84 982.186.798